These profit centers are vital components that can sustain you

How Extra Income Sources Can Lead to Financial Success

Side hustles, income streams, profit centers, second jobs, money making schemes are little side businesses to make extra cash. These profit centers are vital components that can sustain you and to start a home-based small business. Some of my new income streams have been lucrative while others provided minimal money. They required work and hustle and a keen eye to watch for something to provide extra income. I’ve tried them. You should too.

What could be your side hustles?
These new profit centers can help pay your way to financial independence. Or they can help you fund your new home business. Don’t stop at one task.

Reselling Books.  One side hustle I resold used books online through several sites including, and I’ve gotten inexpensive or free textbooks at garage sales or from friends and family. I look up their prices to see if what they pay will be worth my time. One great feature is that these companies pay for the postage. I enter the ISBN numbers on their web site, determined if the books had value, printed out a postage label from the company, packaged the books and mailed them. The companies then sent me a check.

Food Tester and Product Survey. I have registered with surveying companies that contact me to do surveys on their clients’ products. They have paid money or gift points for testing food or other items. Some of these groups are Food Perspective, Consumer Surveys and Focus Pointe that contact me to do surveys on various products. I’m compensated for cash or I have earned pointes towards Amazon Gift Cards.

Etsy.  I’ve joined the Etsy wood carving group. I’ve sold my wood carvings, carving books and rough outs. Etsy provides an online site for artists to display and sell their wares worldwide. The more items I put on Etsy, the more I can sell. I showcase my items and do more promotions so my sales will increase. Etsy provides a broad audience for my art work that gives me more sales.

Recycling Metal.  For many years I’ve collected and recycled aluminum soda cans and other pieces of scrap metal for money. This has brought in a small amount of cash for treats during camping vacations; ice cream cones, pizza or dinner out.  My daughters enjoyed the process of collecting cans that could end up in the trash but I’ve turned them in for cash. My old work places were to gather cans. Also, I collect at picnics and parties and sometimes other people that saved cans for me.

Ink Cartridge Recycling.  For several years I collected used computer ink cartridges that would otherwise end up in the trash. I took the empties to a local office supply store that would take them in for cash or incredible savings new ink cartridges, paper, a digital camera and an eight-foot table I use for my sales.

Rewards Points from Gas Stations, Restaurants and Grocery Stores.  Our local grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations give rewards points for making regular purchases. Rewards cards are great for discounts on gas, free meals and Amazon Gift Cards. The restaurants send us coupons for free meals on birthdays and anniversaries. Some of these stores are Cub Foods, SA Gas Station, Chianti Grill Restaurant and Axel’s Restaurant. This has been a lucrative activity.

Reselling Merchandise.  There are great deals, low price or free, that helped me start my business. I enjoy going to garage sales, estate sales, auctions and thrift stores. Some items I use to resell for higher prices on Craigslist, my own garage sale or at a flea market. This activity is sporadic and dependent on what I find on any given day.

What could be your side hustles? These new profit centers can help pay your way to financial independence. Or they can help you fund your new home business. Don’t stop at one task, if you keep your eyes open you’ll find lots of easy ways to bring in extra cash. Your side hustle may add funs so you can travel, pay off your debt, and, of course, start a home-based business.

Side Hustles Check List

1)      Search your house. Is there anything of value to make extra cash – not only will you add income but getting rid of clutter frees the mind to keep you concentrating on your business goals?

2)      Constantly be on the lookout for free deals – you must need these things for your business and sustain your income. Collecting junk will be more of a nuisance.

3)      But then, find free and low-cost items for resale – know your market for items you bring in.

4)      What does your friends and family have to sell for extra income – how about other people who may want to get rid of things? Step in and help for profit.

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