How important is Business Communication skills

Let’s talk: Business Communication Skills

Business communication skills are important in building your small business. Who do we communicate with?  Just the customers?  Of course you need to talk professionally with them to help them fulfill their goals, but there are other people associated with your business to consider.

Learning to communicate with your employees is important so you can

1)Stay current with the latest news in business
Learning to communicate with your employees is important so you can get the most information from them

get the most out of them. What if you don’t have employees? Are communication skills still necessary? You communicate with more people in your business than you think. Your internet provider (IP) is a good example. You need reliable internet service to supply information to your customers. Let’s say your IP is not providing you the best service? Talk to them. Tighten up your communication skills. Get to the facts – mixed with understanding. They are imperfect humans and have technology that can break down as easily as your equipment.

What about others who are involved with your business? Your auto mechanic is another example. If transportation is important to fulfill your customer’s needs you need a vehicle in good working condition. How about your phone provider, stores, and other businesses that provide services to you? Look thoroughly throughout your business. More people are involved with your business than you think. Those who help you should be treated as valued employees. They will help you achieve your goals.

Mouth closed, ears opened. Listen to what others say. You cannot get your information if you’re talking, hollering and screaming.  I remember an incident while I was in the Navy. I worked in the electronics division. It was the end of the day. All tools were to be returned to their proper places. One day a pair of wire snips was missing. We looked everywhere. That tool could not be found. Then the chief petty officer asked us to check our pockets. He said he did not believe anyone would steal anything. But maybe someone had absentmindedly put the tool in his pocket and forgot. We did as he said; everyone, except one. He insisted that he could not be that stupid to put anything in his pocket and forget. The chief told him to check his pockets. He refused. An argument began. After a moment of uncomfortable stares from the rest of us wanting to leave, he said “fine, look, see, I wouldn’t…” Sure enough, he found the snips in his front pocket. I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone so embarrassed.

I remember times when I stood my ground, became angry, spouted and found out I was wrong.

You may say you’ve never done this before? But it will happen, if you don’t improve your communication skills. Engage and listen. You must be part of the solution instead of being the entire problem. Good communication skills are important so you will not waste your valuable time and slow down your business.

Business Communication Skills Check List

1)      Stay current with the latest news in business – find periodicals that will keep you up-to-date in business

2)      Go online and find business related blog sites

3)      Practice – speak or write what you want to say


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